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TCI’s Advantages

TCI has accumulated a diverse range of advanced techniques in research areas such as synthesis, refinement and analysis with more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of organic reagents. TCI’s primary strength is the way in which those techniques have been passed down and continuously improved across generations of researchers.

Our continually expanding range of facilities and equipment also allows TCI to offer a wide range of multiple services.

Complete In-house Manufacturing

TCI carries out all raw material procurement, manufacturing, processing, analysis and packaging in-house. In-house manufacturing serves as the basis for performing thorough quality control and meeting customer needs.


A Wide Range of Raw Materials

Our line up of more than 29,000 products serves as raw materials for custom synthesis. The vast range of raw materials we have immediately available allows us to expedite the custom synthesis process.

TCI also has a track record of providing intermediates and reagents for the manufacturing of other products including the following:
These products are extremely pure and can be used as reagents. In addition to the wealth of materials available, their high purity ensures that the products we provide through custom synthesis are of the highest quality.

Manufacturing Facilities

TCI’s manufacturing facilities are able to produce 25,000 different reagents, allowing us to respond to a wide variety of customer demands.
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