Search Method for Formula Search

  • The arrangement is based on the general formula "CxHyElementz" where the symbol of elements is alphabetical.
  • Inorganics precede carbon-containing compounds. Inorganics with no-carbon are arranged alphabetically.

    ex. Cl3, BF3, D2O, HBr, HCl, H4N2 (Hydrazine), H3NO (Hydroxylamine)

  • Organics with no hydrogen such as CCl4 are listed before any CH.
  • Salts of acids are indexed under the formulas of the free acids.

    ex. CH3CH2COONa (Propionic Acid Sodium Salt) ..... C3H6O2
    C6H5SO3Na (Benzenesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt) ..... C6H6O3S
    C12H25OSO3Na (Dodecylsulfuric Acid Sodium Salt) ..... C12H26O4S

  • Salts of amines, except onium and diazonium salts are indexed under the formulas of the free amines.

    ex. CH3NH2・HCl (Methylamine Hydrochloride) → CH5N
    (CH3)4NCl (Tetramethylammonium Chloride) → C4H12ClN
    [(C6H5)3AsCH3] I (Methyltriphenylarsonium Iodide) → C19H18AsI
    [(C6H5)3PCH3] I (Methyltriphenylphosphonium Iodide) → C19H18IP
    NO2C6H4N:N・BF4 (4-Nitrobenzenediazonium Tetrafluoroborate) → C6H4BF4N3O2

  • Water of crystallization is omitted from the formula, so index by the formula of anhydrous.

    ex. HOOCCH2CH2CH(NH2)COOH・H2O (DL-Glutamic Acid) → C5H9NO4
    HOC6H4CH(OH)COOH・xH2O (DL-Hydroxymandelic Acid) → C8H8O4



- Besides above index method, please index by the molecular formula. -