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About Our Products

TCI is a leading global manufacturer of fine chemicals for research and industry. We supply and manufacture more than 29,000 research chemicals using our own facilities. Many of these chemicals are highly specialised, including a large number of reagents available only through TCI.

TCI is able to supply a wide selection of Fine and Specialty Chemicals by drawing upon our expertise of manufacturing techniques. With proven production experience and varied reaction capabilities, which rank us among the best in the industry, TCI can supply most compounds in sizes ranging from milligram to bulk scale.

TCI is located near to our customers, allowing us to work alongside and react to local and international needs.

In pursuit of meeting customer demands, we have developed a worldwide network of effective communication and shared capability, which enables us to deliver our high quality reagents rapidly to customers across the globe from our offices and plants in North America, Europe, China and India.

We will continue to persevere in our efforts in “Moving Your Chemistry Forward".