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DPA Ethyl Ester

There has been much research focused on EPA and DHA and the biological activities of ω-3 poly unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) are now under great scrutiny. This is particularly so, since a relationship between thrombosis disorders has been linked with EPA. Currently, PUFA is under vigorous R&D studies, and it has already been utilized in EPA preparation for the treatments of hyperlipemia and other adverse conditions such as ulcer, gout and chills related to arteriosclerosis obliterans. On the other hand, the research progress on DPA, which is also classified as ω-3 PUFA, has been delayed because it is present in very small quantities. However, the potency of DPA stimulation of Endorhelial cell migration is much higher and it is reported that it has 100 times greater activity than EPA, and for this reason it is now coming to the fore.1) Furthermore, DPA demonstrates the possibilities of antithrombotic2) and antiangiogenesis3) activity. Of all the important findings, its antiangiogenesis activity is expected to be effective in cancer treatment and for this reason DPA is attracting much of the attentions these days. 1 is DPA ethyl ester which has been highly purified using the original technology developed at Tokyo Kasei Kogyo, Co., Ltd. It is suitable for use in the experiments at cellular levels. The seal oil is the best source of DPA, which comes in the form of glycerides along with other natural oils, and it is used for bioactivity tests of DPA in animal studies.


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