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BGL Reagent Converting Hydrophobic Molecules into Hydrophilic Derivatives

B3905, A2474
B3905, A2474
Branched glycerol (BGL) 1, which was developed by Nemoto et al., can bind to hydrophobic molecules to make them hydrophilic after the deprotection of the acetonides. 1a and 1b (after reduction of N3) react with succinic anhydride and glutaric anhydride, respectively, and the resulting compounds can further bind to amino groups of target compounds. 1b also reacts with terminal alkynes via the Click reaction. Owing to the lack of asymmetric carbons in 1, stereo isomers don’t form after the reaction, thus several applications using 1, such as the modification of water-indissoluble pharmaceuticals or Drug Delivery Systems (DDS), are expected. Hydroxy groups protected by acetonides can be easily deprotected in mild conditions, and the byproducts can be removed without difficulty.


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