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No.166(July 2015)
D-Pinitol   (1)
D-Pinitol (1) is one of cyclitols occurring in various plants, Leguminosae (Fabaceae), Pinaceae etc.1) 1 suppresses increasing blood-sugar levels in normal and diabetes-induced mice2) and the mechanism of action of 1 does not augment the effect of insulin but might involve an interaction with part of a cellular signaling pathway that links insulin with glucose transport.3)
On the other hand, It was reported that, in polycystic ovary syndrome, D-chiro-Inositol, de-methyl-moiety of 1, reduces circulating insulin, decreases serum androgens, and ameliorates some of the metabolic abnormalities of syndrome X.4)
In addition, it was reported that 1 is accumulated in plant and functions as an osmolyte under the salt stress condition including water deficit.5,6)

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