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Technical Strength

Professional Engineers

Research & Development

Our organic synthesis professionals suggest the optimal synthetic route, manufacture small volume by way of trial, and perform process development for bulk manufacturing. TCI strive to get better with each day in order to meet customer satisfactions in Quality, Cost and Lead time.

Manufacturing Technology

Use high skill and technology gained from manufacturing of reagent.

General Manufacturing

All manufacturing staff has skills of both organic synthesis and analytical chemistry. We build efficient work plan and manufacture high quality products. Fast-moving behavior and harmonious teamwork enable us to provide your order with short delivery. Additionally, each staff has experienced various chemical reactions, so this will make easy for staff to offer cost effective alternative solution. As we respond various requests, such as the specification, we are highly esteemed by global companies.

High Pressure Reaction

This team is specialised in High-Pressre-Hydrogenation in autoclave and sealed-tube. The reaction scale is from 0.3 L to 1000 L TCI has half a century experience of the high pressure reaction. Our practice is so safe that we 've never had a serious accident in the past. TCI has professionals for catalytic reactions. We select best catalyst and condition to achieve the reaction. One of our speciality is to deal with amines manufactured by reduction of nitro- and nitrile- compounds.

Sublimation/ Distillation/ Purification

We perform sublimation-purification with our unique technology and have roughly 500 sublimated products in our catalog. The maximam batch size of sublimation is 10kg. Needless to say, we distill compounds with various apparatus. The batch size is from 0.5 L to 2000 L. Unstable compounds like hydrosilylated compound can also be purified by using our centrifugal-film evaporator.

We do various purification with half a century experience and knowledges. We can reduce metals to the ppm or ppb level.

Available Reaction

We handle a wide variety of reactions from general to special order.

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