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Flow Synthesis

Flow synthesis is a synthetic method to move fluid of raw materials into a stainless tube and has gained attention in recent years.

Three advantages of Flow synthesis 

  1. Safety: A reaction tube has a smaller reaction volume due to its thinness so damage from runaways should be smaller.
  2. Low Cost: It can be automated in a continuous sequence easily so it allows synthesis in precise quantity. The device is a low price and space saving.
  3. Stability: It can perform in high reproducibility and stability due to less human errors and dependency of manpower.

Flow Synthesis in TCI

1) General Reactions

Heat transfer is efficient and pressurizing raises reaction temperature above the solvent's boiling point, which improves reaction speed.

Applications: Diels-Alder Reaction, Quaternary Ammonium Chlorination,nitration

2) Photoreaction

Photo-irradiation time can be controlled and the side reactions suppress.

Applications: Epimerization of double bond, Halogenation
Major Products:

3) Catalyst Loading Reaction

Immobilized catalyst is used so no removal process is needed and reuse of the catalyst is easier.
Current works: Reduction,Aldol Reaction  

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