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“Oligosaccharides” as related to biological phenomena - TCI routinely distributes these products for global research needs coupled with our proprietary synthetic manufacturing techniques.

Chemically Synthesized Oligosaccharides

- Specialists on-hand to help with your oligosaccharide requests.
- We offer custom synthesis of monosaccharide derivatives and oligosaccharide derivatives.
- It is possible to add linkers or fluorescent compounds.
- We supply high-purity oligosaccharides that can be used as a standard substance.

Application: Click Chemistry

Convenient synthesis of sugar-conjugates with proteins and saccharides by click chemistry technique.

Application: Fluorescent Groups

Highly sensitive analysis by HPLC, bioimaging and analysis of sugar-protein as well as antigen-antibody interactions.

Sugar Enzymes

- Using glycosyltransferase to unify the sugar chain structure, we target synthesized sugar proteins.
- TCI succeeded in rearranging the sugar chain of specific antibodies.
- A Sugar chain that is chemically synthesized can be added to antibodies.
- Drugs can be added to antibodies. (Antibody-Drug-Conjugate)

Results of Antibody-Drug-Conjugate
Details of Sugar Chain Conjugate

Anti-Glyco Antibodies/Lectin

- We have listed the various antibodies specific to sugar chains that exist in cancer cells and stem cells
- We can supply bulk manufacturing of lectin for sugar chain analysis.

Results of Antibodies
Results of Lectins

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