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TCI Chemistry Café and Seminar

We will open TCI Café at NTU and NUS during the following period and hold a TCI Introduction Seminar.
The details of the Café and Seminar follow, so we hope to see you there.
Nanyang Technological University
            Seminar Time :14:00 hrs to 14:45 hrs on Monday, February 10th, 2014
            Seminar Place : Level 2, CBC General Office, Nangyang Technological University
            Café Opening Hours :14:45 hrs to 16:00 hrs on Monday, February 10th, 2014
            Café area : Level 2, CBC General Office, Nanyang Technological University

National University of Singapore
            Seminar Time :Morning on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
            (Time will be fixed on our next eNewsletter or on our website)
            Seminar Place : S8 Level 3, Dept of Chemistry Office Level, National University of Singapore
            Café Opening Hours : Morning to 16:00 hrs on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
            Café area : Table outside S8 Level 3, Dept of Chemistry Office Level, National University of Singapore

Present Campaign from March

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Research Article

Arylations of nitro(pentafluorosulfanyl)benzenes using a palladium catalyst

Zhang et al. have reported the arylations of nitro(pentafluorosulfanyl)benzenes using a palladium catalyst. In their report, arylations at the ortho-position toward the nitro group of 3-nitrophenylsulfur pentafluoride preferentially proceed to afford 1,3,4-adducts, while in a case using 4-nitrophenylsulfur pentafluoride, compounds diarylated at both ortho-positions toward the nitro group are given as a main product. In this reaction, when aryl bromides with an electron-donating group are employed, 1,5-diaryl substituted compounds are obtained in good yields, while using aryl bromides with electron-withdrawing groups results in 1-aryl substituted compounds being moderately formed. Compounds containing the pentafluorosulfanyl group have been attracting attention as potent building blocks in the fields of pharmaceuticals. Thus, this reaction is a useful synthetic procedure for chemical modifications of them.


C. Wang, Y.-B. Yu, S. Fan, X. Zhang, Org. Lett. 2013, 15, 5004.

Product Highlight

Inorganic Hydrides Used as Hydrogen Sources of Fuel Cell

A fuel cell is a kind of power generator which produces electricity by oxidizing hydrogen in oxygen or air. However, hydrogen is not easy to care for due to its being a very flammable and explosive gas. Inorganic hydrides such as lithium borohydride (1), sodium borohydride (2), potassium borohydride (3), and lithium aluminum hydride (4) are relatively-stable crystals. The researchers have investigated fuel cells using them as hydrogen sources. For example, 2 reacts with water and generates hydrogen according to Scheme 1. But hydrogen generation is inhibited in alkaline aqueous solution, and can be regulated by using proper catalysts. In this case, the electrode reaction is represented by Scheme 2 and is able to extract electricity safely.
L0186, S0480, P1681, L0203
L0186, S0480, P1681, L0203-2


S. C. Amendola, S. L. Sharp-Goldman, M. S. Janjua, M. T. Kelly, P. J. Petillo, M. Binder, J. Power Sources 2000, 85, 186.
S. Suda, Oyo Butsuri 2002, 71, 1152.
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S. U. Jeong, R. K. Kim, E. A. Cho, H.-J. Kim, S.-W. Nam, I.-H. Oh, S.-A. Hong, S. H. Kim, J. Power Sources 2005, 144, 129.
J. Ma, N. A. Choudhury, Y. Sahai, Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev. 2010, 14, 183.
K. Tomoda, N. Hoshi, J. Haruna, M. Cao, A. Yoshizaki, K. Hirata, 2012 International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA), Nagasaki, Japan, November 11-14, 2012.

New Products


New Products


HPLC Mixed-Mode columns “TCI Dual”

•Hydrophilic compounds can be retained on mix-mode columns
•Hydrophobic compounds also can be retained
•No ion-pair reagent is required

Target compound is basic : Choose ODS + Cation-Exchange Type
  TCI Dual ODS-CX10 / TCI Dual ODS-CX15 / TCI Dual ODS-CX20
Target compound is acidic : Choose ODS + Anion-Exchange Type
  TCI Dual ODS-AX20 / TCI Dual ODS-AX10 / Kaseisorb LC ODS-SAX Super
TCI Dual

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Editor’s Greetings

Happy New Year!!
I hope you had a wonderful New Year in Singapore or your home country!!
Did you make a new resolution for 2014?

We will release our latest Fine Chemical Catalog 2014-2015 in Spring, 2014.  It contains nearly 23,000 compounds.  The new compounds are already updated on our website, so please visit our website to find the chemicals which you’ve been looking for!!

We think most professors and students will start the second term of school this month and some of you may start new research.  We update new product information every week at the top of our website.    I hope our products will be the best choice for your laboratory in this year.  This is our resolution for 2014! : ) We appreciate your support.
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