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Custom Synthesis of Bioreagents

In the field of bioscience, various organic compounds are required as reagents.
TCI can meet customers’ needs by harnessing the advanced and broad-ranging synthesis, refinement and analysis techniques that we have built up over the years of experience in organic reagents.

Please contact TCI when you are:
・Searching for compounds that are not listed in our catalog
・Switching from using an extracted compound to a synthesized compound
・Outsourcing the actual synthesis when you know the synthesis method or even when the method is unknown
・Synthesizing a compound with a complex structure
・Outsourcing the construction of bioconjugate for your product
・Requiring a large volume of our products

Main compounds that can be synthesized at TCI

・Various biomolecules used in bioscience research
・Biochemical substances (rare bioactive substances, non-animal origin substances)
・Various derivatives of biochemical substances

Available volumes

We can supply products in volumes ranging from milligrams to tons.
It is possible to start with small volumes for laboratory purposes before scaling up to volumes of several dozen kilograms and ultimately achieving regular, continuous production on the scale of tons.

Quotation Process

Explains how to order the custom synthesis of products from TCI.