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Magnetic Ionic Liquid

magnet: Neodymium magnet (0.55T)
Ionic liquids are salts composed of cations such as imidazolium ions, pyridinium ions and anions such as BF4-, PF6- and are liquid at relatively low temperatures. Their characteristic properties include; (1) essentially no vapor pressure, (2) non-flammability, (3) high thermal stability, (4) relatively low viscosity, (5) liquid state over extended temperature ranges, (6) high ionic conductivity. Applications of ionic liquids with these features are being vigorously explored in various fields.
Recently, Hamaguchi et al. reported that 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrachloroferrate (1) is magnetic ionic liquid. Traditional magnetic fluids have had problems of volatility and phase separation. The new magnetic ionic liquid overcomes these problems, and is expected to be applied to many fields, including the use as a sealing agent for the motor axis.


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