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Storage and Transportation Temperatures

Storage Temperature

Among our products, some reagents require being stored under appropriate temperatures to prevent degradation of quality.
To maintain these reagents in good condition, TCI applies the following 5 different levels of storage temperature for each product; Ambient Temperature, Refrigerated, Frozen <0 °C, Frozen -20 °C, and Frozen -80 °C.

TCI frequently reviews storage conditions to optimize them. Please note that the latest information on the storage temperature for the products is described on our website.
Displayed value Temperature range
0-10°C Refrigerated:
0 °C to 10 °C
<0°C Frozen:
-15 °C to 0 °C
-20°C Frozen:
-25 °C to -15 °C 
-80°C Frozen:
-90 °C to -60 °C

Transportation Temperature

The bulk of TCI reagents are shipped in ambient temperatures. Short term exposure to ambient temperatures does not affect product quality. For certain products sensitive to short-term exposure and requiring conditions other than ambient temperatures, TCI ships these reagents with cool packs to prevent degradation. Shipping occurs in a timely manner to reduce time in transit.