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Curcumin Analogs with Enhanced Antitumor Activities

Turmeric containing curcumin, a yellow dye, has been used as a South Asian traditional medicine for hepatobiliary disorders, inflammation, and wound healing. Curcumin has anti-proliferative, cancer-chemopreventive, anti-angiogenic, and anti-oxidant effects. However, its low bioavailability causes limitations of its application to chemotherapy.
GO-Y030 and GO-Y078 are synthetic analogs of curcumin, develoa hped by Shibata, Iwabuchi et al. to increase the antitumor potential and improve the bioavailability.2,3) The assays on various cancer cell lines revealed that GO-Y030 and GO-Y078 suppress tumor cell growth and control the growth-related molecules such as NF- κB, β-catenin, STAT3, c-Myc and IRF-4.4,5) It has been reported that they inhibit in vivo cancer cell growth in a mouse model of gastric cancer and GO-Y078 having a twice higher water-solubility than curcumin is even more effective.5)

B4823, H1525