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The Smallest "Carbon Nanoring" [5]Cycloparaphenylene ([5]CPP)

Structural Feature
・ CPP having the smallest ring size among synthesized other examples
・ Cyclic unit structure of fullerene (C60) and [5,5] carbon nanotube
・ The same diameter as C60 (0.7 nm)

・ Soluble in organic solvents
・ Narrow HOMO-LUMO gap comparable with that of C60


Possible application
・ Organic electronics materials
・ Raw material for carbon nanoring derivatives, and bottom up synthesis of CNT
・ Molecular host materials


  • S. Yamago, E. Kayahara, Patent Pending, Appl. No. JP2014-009789.
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This material was produced by collaboration with Prof. Yamago at Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University.

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