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Biological Buffers

Good's Buffering Agents

 In the field of biochemical research, buffering agents perform a very important function. The Tris buffers widely used today have a primary amino group and they are known to frequently cause inhibition problems in biological systems. Furthermore sufficient buffering power cannot be obtained under pH7.5.
 Good and co-workers have developed buffers to overcome the above-noted defects and their superiority has been indicated by the Hill reactions. These buffers are referred to as Good’s Buffers being named after the inventor.

1) Acid dissociation constant pKa is between 6~8.
2) High water solubility.
3) Low penetration through biomembranes.
4) Low base effect toward biological systems.
5) pKa is less affected by concentration, temperature and ion composition.
6) Low complexation ability with metal ions.
7) Chemically stable.
8) Low in absorption of visible and ultra-violet rays.

Composition and pH range

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Instant Buffers

 Instant buffers are in granulated form. Dissolve immediately in purified water to give the desired buffer solution.

 Dissolve 1 pack of the product in purified water and adjust to 100mL. (Accuracy : pH ±0.05, 18°C)

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Other Buffers

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Buffer-related Reagents

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