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(CAS RN:944451-29-0 Product Number:R0155)


Synonym Chloro[(S)-(-)-5,5'-bis(diphenylphosphino)-4,4'-bi-1,3-benzodioxole](p-cymene)ruthenium(II) Chloride

General Information

Product Number R0155

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Purity/Analysis Method
Storage Temperature
M.F. / M.W. C48H42Cl2O4P2Ru=916.78
CAS RN 944451-29-0
Related CAS RN
MDL Number MFCD09753017
Packaging and Container


This product was merchandised under the technical tie-up with TAKASAGO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION. SEGPHOS® is a registered trademark of TAKASAGO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION.
We offer this product only in quantities for laboratory use.
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IR to pass test


PubChem SID 253662111


A Ruthenium Complex Catalyst for Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Olefins and Functionalized Ketones


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