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Fullerene C70 [for organic electronics]
(CAS RN:115383-22-7 Product Number:F1233)


Fullerene C70
Synonym Buckminsterfullerene C70
Synonym C70
Synonym Carbon C70

General Information

Product Number F1233

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Purity/Analysis Method >99.0%(HPLC)
Storage Temperature
M.F. / M.W. C70=840.77
CAS RN 115383-22-7
Related CAS RN
MDL Number MFCD00146976
Packaging and Container


Fullerene C70 is a nanocarbon material, and is used as a n-type organic semiconductor material.
TCI offers two grade products.

Product Number F1233 (This product): Fullerene C70 [for organic electronics]
Purity(HPLC)min. 99.0 area%
Electron Mobility(μFET)min. 0.30 cm2/Vs (HMDS Si/SiO2 substrate)

Product Number B1694 : Fullerene C70
Purity(HPLC)min. 98.0 area%
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Purity(HPLC) min. 99.0 area%
Electron Mobility(muFET) min. 0.30 cm2/Vs(HMDS Si/SiO2 substrate)


Reaxys-RN 6843004

Transport Information

HS Number 2803000000


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