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Perylene (purified by sublimation)
(CAS RN:198-55-0 Product Number:P1629)


Synonym Dibenz[de,kl]anthracene (purified by sublimation)
Synonym Peri-dinaphthalene (purified by sublimation)

General Information

Product Number P1629

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Purity/Analysis Method >99.0%(GC)
Storage Temperature
M.F. / M.W. C20H12=252.32
CAS RN 198-55-0
Related CAS RN
MDL Number MFCD00004142
Packaging and Container
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Purity(GC) min. 99.0 %


Beilstein 5(4)2689
Reaxys-RN 1911335
PubChem SID 87558356
Merck Index(14) 7184
RTECS# SE3794000
EC Number 205-900-9

Transport Information

HS Number 2902900000


CHF2-sulfonium salt for Photo-catalytic Difluoromethylations

D5630, P1629, P0078

A Schlenk tube is charged with an acetonitrile (5.0 mL) solution of an aromatic alkene (0.250 mmol), D5630 (190 mg, 0.500 mmol), perylene (3.2 mg, 0.0127 mmol) and water (4.5 mg, 0.250 mmol) under a nitrogen atmosphere. The mixture is degassed by freeze-pump-thaw cycles. The Schlenk tube is placed at 2-3 cm away from blue LED lamps (λ = 425 ± 15 nm) in a water bath. The mixture is stirred for 6-12 h at room temperature under visible light irradiation. After the reaction, water (15 mL) is added and resulting suspension is extracted with dichloromethane (15 mL × 3). The combined organic layer is dried over sodium sulfate , and concentrated under reduced pressure. The purification by column-chromatography and repreciptitation affords the desired products.


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Organic Semiconductor Material


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