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4-Nitrophenyl Phosphate (Ready-to-use solution) [for ELISA]
(Product Number:N1109)


4-Nitrophenyl Phosphate
Synonym p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate (Ready-to-use solution)
Synonym pNPP (Ready-to-use solution)

General Information

Product Number N1109

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Purity/Analysis Method
Storage Temperature -20°C
M.F. / M.W.
Related CAS RN
MDL Number
Packaging and Container


Product Information
Volume : 100 mL
Preservative : 0.02% Sodium azide

This product is supplied as a ready-to-use solution containing 4-nitrophenyl phosphate (pNPP) for ELISA. When this product is reacted with alkaline phosphatase, a yellow colored soluble reaction product appears. After terminating the reaction by adding NaOH solution, the absorbance of reaction product is measured at 405 nm.

The following steps are for a 96-well plate format.
1. Bring pNPP solution (Product No. N1109) to room temperature.
2. Gently mix the pNPP solution (Product No. N1109).
3. Add 100uL of pNPP solution (Product No. N1109) to each well.
4. Incubate the plate at room temperature for 30 minutes.
5. To terminate the reaction, add 100 uL of 1 N NaOH (Product No. S0542) to each well.
6. Within 1 hour of terminating the reaction, measure the absorbance of each well at 405 nm.

The product should be stored at 4 ºC and used within 6 months from purchase. The product may be frozen but this does not affect its quality; thaw it at room temperature before use.

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  • Product Details
  • Safety & Regulations


Appearance Colorless to Light orange to Yellow clear liquid
Alkaline Phosphatase detection test to pass test


Signal Word Warning
Hazard Statements
  • H351
  • :Suspected of causing cancer.
  • H361
  • :Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.
  • H371
  • :May cause damage to Liver.
  • H373
  • :May cause damage to Respiratory System through prolonged or repeated exposure.
Precautionary Statements
  • P201
  • :Obtain special instructions before use.
  • P202
  • :Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.
  • P260
  • :Do not breathe mist, vapors or spray.
  • P264
  • :Wash hands and face thoroughly after handling.
  • P270
  • :Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.
  • P280
  • :Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, face protection.
  • P308+P311
  • :If exposed or concerned: Call a poison center or doctor.
  • P405
  • :Store locked up.
  • P501
  • :Dispose of contents and container in accordance with local, regional, national regulations (e.g. US: 40 CFR Part 261, EU:91/156/EEC, JP: Waste Disposal and Cleaning Act, etc.).


4-Nitrophenyl Phosphate (Ready-to-use solution) [for ELISA]


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