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The Ritter Lab - Harvard University

Professor Tobais Ritter

Tobias was born in 1975 in Lübeck, Germany. He received his undergraduate education in Braunschweig, Germany, Bordeaux, France, Lausanne, Switzerland, and Stanford, US, and received a master of science from Braunschweig University in 1999. He has done undergraduate research with Prof. Barry M. Trost at Stanford, obtained his PhD working with Prof. Erick M. Carreira at ETH Zurich in 2004, and was a postdoc with Prof. Robert H. Grubbs at Caltech. In 2006, Tobias was appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard and promoted to Associate Professor in 2010. His research program is based on synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry. The Ritter lab currently focuses on fluorination chemistry for late-stage functionalization of complex natural and unnatural products and bimetallic transition metal redox catalysis.

Research in the Ritter group focuses on the development of novel reaction chemistry. They seek to discover molecular structure and reactivity that can contribute to interdisciplinary solutions for challenges in science. They also focus on synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry, complex molecule synthesis, and mechanistic studies to develop practical access to molecules of interest in catalysis, medicine, and materials.



・ Air-stable Solid with Ease of Handling
・ P2420 is Effective in Deoxyfluorinations of Phenols
・ B5480 is Effective in Deoxyfluorinations of Alcohols.

PhenoFluor™ Mix is a versatile deoxyfluorination reagent capable of converting phenols corresponding aryl fluorides. Notably, it is stable in air.

AlkylFluor™ readily converts aliphatic alcohols into alkyl fluorides. This reagent offers higher yields and a broader substrate scope than conventional deoxyfluorination reagents, and is also air stable.

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Technical Applications

Goldberg, N.; Ritter, T. Org. Lett., 2016, 18, 6102.
Fujimoto, T.; Ritter, T. Org. Lett 2015, 17, 544.

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