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Chemosynthesis of Sialosides

Sialic acid locates the terminal of sugar chains in glycoproteins, glycolipids, and milk oligosaccharides. Also, sialosides are associated with cell-cell interaction, cell differentiation, and infection of bacteria or viruses. For example, in influenza infections, hemagglutinin on the virus surface links to sialic acid, and the infectious process begins. Also, cancer markers such as CA19-9 (sialyl Lea), SLX (sialyl Lex), STN (sialyl Tn) are carbohydrate antigens that have sialic acid, and are used in cancer diagnosis. However, since the complex sialo-oligosaccharides are obtained in limited quantity from natural sources, for the sake of research promotion, sugar chains of sufficient amount are required. TCI has developed the manufacturing procedure of functional oligosaccharides to supply a variety of sialosides.

Synthesis of Sialosides


In TCI, kg scaled glycosidation of sialic acid is carried out using thioglycoside as the glycosyl donor. Sialic acid and sialyl α(2-3/6) galactose are used as the sugar building blocks for complex sialo-oligosaccharide synthesis. We can prepare the various oligosaccharides having not only N-acetyl neuraminic acid but also N-glycolyl neuraminic acid which does not exist in normal human cells. Chemically synthesized sialo-oligosaccharides having ceramide (ganglioside) and other kind of aglycons such as p-nitrophenyl and aminoalkyl group are prepared. TCI synthesizes a wide range of sugar chains for your daily research. Please feel free to contact us.