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Life science research demands skilled scientists, modern equipment and high purity reagents that produce repeatability. In this issue, we feature CUBIC reagents for animal tissue clearing HSA-oligosaccharide conjugates, non-receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors, obesity/diabetes research reagents, and more.
Animal Clearing Reagents

CUBIC Guide – Animal Tissue-Clearing Reagents

Normally a time and material consuming process, whole-body clearing with TCI is achieved using our ground-breaking CUBIC reagents. In all, we offer 7 clearing reagents for whole-organ/body imaging at a cellular resolution. Being a hydrophilic vs. a hydrophobic method, the process requires no special equipment, cuts sample treatment time, and offers a low quenching fluorescence signal. Click below for the TCI Technical CUBIC Guide that shows the full suite of clearing reagents and their use, protocols, and much more.
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HSA-Oligosaccharide Conjugates

HSA-Oligosaccharide Conjugates

With several sugar-conjugates available, TCI offers market-leading carbohydrate-conjugated human serum albumin (HSA) manufactured with synthesized, high-purity carbohydrates. Additionally, TCI offers synthesis of monosaccharide and oligosaccharide derivatives with custom synthesis service for sugar compounds that are not commercially available.
More on HSA-Oligosaccharide Conjugates
Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (Non-RTK) Inhibitors

Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (Non-RTK) Inhibitors

Non-RTKs are cytosolic TK enzymes with no transmembrane domein and whose activity is regulated by other cell surface factors, or within the cytoplasm (while transmitting signals). Mutations within genes for non-RTKs (including BCR-ABL), can result in an aberrant activity of this enzyme; pathologically increased activity of non-RTK may be responsible for growth of malignances, the induction of drug-resistance, and formation of metastasis. Non-RTKs are regarded as important targets in development of anti-tumor agents.
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Obesity and Diabetes Research Reagents

Obesity and Diabetes Research Reagents

When an individual predisposed to diabetes has excess weight, the cells in the body become less sensitive to the insulin. Obesity and severe obesity greatly increase your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and much more. As such, this area of research is actively studied with TCI offering sweeteners, lipase inhibitors, α-glucosidase inhibitors, AGEs formation inhibitors, insulin secretion stimulators, PPARγ agonists, and aldose reductase inhibitor for your research.
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TCI Bulk Chemicals

Xenoantigen and Anti-Xenoantigen Antibodies

Humans cannot synthesize N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid (Neu5Gc) due to a mutation in the gene encoding the enzyme responsible for Neu5Gc synthesis. Humans naturally possess antibodies against Neu5Gc glycan structures, and this is responsible for the immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins containing Neu5Gc glycan epitopes. Therefore, a antibody for the detection of Neu5Gc is required.
On the other hands, binding of anti-αGal antibody (in humans) to αGal antigens (αGal epitope, a carbohydrate) expressed on porcine xenograft surfaces are a major factor for determining engraft survival. Recently, it has been observed that therapeutic antibodies and cell processing material for reproductive medicine contain the αGal epitope, which indicates the importance of rapid detection of αGal epitope.
So, TCI offers Anti-NeuGc Polyclonal Antibody [A3240] and Anti-αGal Polyclonal Antibody [A3123] and etc.
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