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Perovskite Precursor: High Quality Tin (II) Iodide (SnI2)

In recent years, perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have received much attention as a novel solar cell type, and display power conversion efficiencies over 20% seen via PSC devices whose active layers were mainly consisted of lead.1) On the other hand, lead-free or mixed metal PSCs have also been heavily researched (Figure 1)2) due to the concerns of lead toxicity. Tin is one of the possible lead alternatives, and tin(II) iodide can be readily used as a precursor of perovskites. Using a high quality precursor without contamination from tin(IV) compounds (e.g. SnI4) is required in order to fabricate a good perovskite layer.3) Subsequently, TCI offers product 1 as high quality tin(II) iodide for perovskite precursor with extremely low tin(IV) content to meet purity requirement needs. In addition, 1 is suitable for solution-processed solar cells because its water content is low (<100 ppm) and it provides clear DMF solutions (Figure 3).

Figure 1. A typical device structure of lead-free perovskite solar cells3)


Figure 2. Thermogravimetric (TG) analysis of 1


Figure 3. Crystalline solid (left) and DMF solution (right) of 1


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