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Organosilicon [Organometallic Reagents]

Silicon is an element belongs to Group 14 of the Periodic Table and thus has properties similar to carbon. A silicon atom can form a σ-bond to a carbon atom and thereby form a variety of organic silicon compounds. However, as carbon belongs to period II and silicon to period III, the two element's atoms differ in atomic size, ionization energy, electronegativity, and atomic orbital configuration amongst other things. These differences cause organic silicon compounds to exhibit characteristic reactivities that are not found in carbon compounds. Silylenol ethers, hydrosilanes, Peterson type reagents, silylcyanides, silyldiazomethane and others are increasingly being used in organic syntheses, not only for their protective moieties, but also as reagents of general interest.

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Produit # G0210
CAS RN 2530-83-8
Pureté >97.0%(GC)

Produit # T3524
CAS RN 995-45-9
Pureté >97.0%(GC)

Produit # A0927
CAS RN 18146-00-4
Pureté >97.0%(GC)

Produit # A1326
CAS RN 33558-75-7
Pureté >95.0%(GC)

Produit # H1716
CAS RN 4371-91-9
Pureté >98.0%(GC)

Produit # B5138
CAS RN 38274-16-7
Pureté >98.0%(GC)

Produit # B6035
CAS RN 52034-16-9
Pureté >96.0%(GC)

Produit # T2868
CAS RN 3069-25-8
Pureté >95.0%(GC)(T)

Produit # B3216
CAS RN 38170-80-8
Pureté >98.0%(GC)