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Dendrimer Building Blocks

 Dendrimers are a single dendritic polymer consisting of three layers, its core, dendron regularly branched from the core, and the exterior surface layer. The typical species become globular and their size is in a clear-cut nm scale, having physical properties different from conventional straight polymer.
Since their report in 1984 by Tomalia and co-workers, dendrimers have received much attention in many areas.1) Nowadays, applications of dendrimers are examined in chemical sensors, catalysts, electronics, photonics and medicines.2,3)
 Functional elements and functional groups can be introduced into the core, dendron and surface layer. The synthetic technique is divided mainly into the divergent method, where synthesis proceeds from the center core toward the outside, and the convergent method, where synthesis proceeds from the exterior shell to the core.
 For the synthesis of the regularly branched portions, multifunctional compounds have been utilized. The 1,3,5-trisubstituted benzenes, shown below are useful building blocks for dendrimers. Please refer to our website for other building blocks. We provide the structure search on the website and you can search by the substructure.


  • 1) (a) D. A. Tomalia, J. R. Dewald, M. R. Hall, S. J. Martin, P. B. Smith, Preprints of the 1st SPSJ International Polymer Conference, Society of Polymer Science Japan, Kyoto, 1984, p 65.
    • (b) D. A. Tomalia, J. M. J. Frechet, J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem. 2002, 40, 2719.
  • 2) F. Vögtle, G. Richardt, N. Werner, in Dendrimer Chemistry: Concepts, Syntheses, Properties, Applications, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2009.
  • 3) D. Astruc, E. Boisselier, C. Ornelas, Chem. Rev. 2010, 110, 1857.
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제품번호 D2656
CAS RN 29654-55-5
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(GC)

제품번호 D2724
CAS RN 17878-23-8
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(GC)

제품번호 D2824
CAS RN 2887-72-1
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(GC)

제품번호 D1737
CAS RN 2150-37-0
순도/분석 방법 >99.0%(GC)

제품번호 F1252
CAS RN 118688-53-2
순도/분석 방법 >96.0%(HPLC)

제품번호 D2657
CAS RN 877-88-3
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(GC)

제품번호 D2594
CAS RN 705-76-0
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 B6003
CAS RN 3163-76-6
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 D2085
CAS RN 28924-21-2
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(GC)

제품번호 D0570
CAS RN 99-10-5
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)(T)

제품번호 H0794
CAS RN 618-83-7
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(T)

제품번호:   D2656 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D2724 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D2824 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D1737 | 순도/분석 방법   >99.0%(GC)

제품번호:   F1252 | 순도/분석 방법   >96.0%(HPLC)

제품번호:   D2657 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D2594 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   B6003 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D2085 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D0570 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)(T)

제품번호:   H0794 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(T)

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