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Photopolymer Reagents

 A photopolymer is a photosensitive, optically functional polymer material or resin whose properties, such as solubility, are altered by light irradiation. Photopolymers are widely used as photoresist materials during etching in the manufacture of printed circuits and semiconductor integrated circuits. In positive-type photoresist, photoacid generators (PAG) change the solubility of the photopolymer, whereas negative-type photoresist requires photopolymerization initiators for polymerization and curing. This section includes the monomers required to generate photopolymers.
 Please also check Photopolymerization initiators.

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제품번호 M3261
CAS RN 178889-49-1
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 B4269
CAS RN 47758-37-2
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 M0326
CAS RN 585-07-9
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 M3228
CAS RN 178889-45-7
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 M3223
CAS RN 249562-06-9
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 B1796
CAS RN 1675-54-3
순도/분석 방법 >85.0%(GC)

제품번호 D3380
CAS RN 7398-56-3
순도/분석 방법 >95.0%(GC)

제품번호 D3381
CAS RN 34759-34-7
순도/분석 방법 >95.0%(GC)

제품번호 M2261
CAS RN 177080-66-9
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 I0962
CAS RN 297156-50-4
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 H1543
CAS RN 115372-36-6
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 E1407
CAS RN 274248-09-8
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   M3261 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   B4269 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   M0326 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   M3228 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   M3223 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   B1796 | 순도/분석 방법   >85.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D3380 | 순도/분석 방법   >95.0%(GC)

제품번호:   D3381 | 순도/분석 방법   >95.0%(GC)

제품번호:   M2261 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   I0962 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   H1543 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   E1407 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

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