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Metallo-supramolecular Polymer Applicable for Electrochromic (EC) Light Control Glass

No.185(December 2020)
Poly(Fe-btpyb) Purple (1)
 Light-control glass containing an electrochromic (EC) material is capable of electrically-driven variable color transparency and is attracting attention as a next-generation smart glass with applications to blinds and curtains. Conventional EC materials are generally composed of inorganic tungsten oxides and organic viologen materials. Recently, metallo-supramolecular polymers for EC materials have also been reported.
 Poly(Fe-btpyb) Purple (1) is one such metallo-supramolecular polymer containing Fe ions. It was developed by Higuchi et al.1) and its color changes based on the oxidation state (Figure 1). Fabrication of films using 1 is possible by a wet process, large-area, low-cost production of EC devices is expected using this material. The transparency of the glass at different wavelengths can be controlled an electrical voltage. EC devices fabricated using 1 have high color responsivity, and maintain their color thein the absence of an applied voltage (memory effect), which leads to low power consumption.

Poly(Fe-btpyb) Purple

Electrochromic (EC) Light Control Glass

Figure 1. Color change of Poly(Fe-btpyb) Purple (1) (Working: an ITO glass coated with Poly(Fe-btpyb) Purple, Counter: Pt wire; Reference: Ag/Ag+; Electrolyte: an acetonitrile solution with LiClO4)

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