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Academic Research

Academic Research

Make every minute of your research count with reliable organic reagents. TCI is well known by colleges and universities for high quality chemicals for research and development. We consistently provide outstanding products and world-class customer service. Our products are used every day to uncover innovations in synthetic chemistry, materials science, life science, glycoscience, and analytical chemistry.

TCI also provides many resources to help students and instructors succeed. Please find some of the links below for more information on how TCI can help you advance your research.

Academic Partners

TCI collaborates with leading academic researchers around the globe to commercialize discoveries. This partnership between universities, research institutions and TCI brings novel products to market. Read More.

New Lab Set-Up Program

Opening a new lab? Renovating, expanding, or moving? Or just received your first research grant? TCI has you covered with thousands of specialty organic chemicals. In order to help you make your new lab successful and stay on budget, we offer a discount on your reagents purchases. Optimize your new lab’s budget. Learn More

TCI Technical Resources

NAOSMM Membership

TCI offers special discounts to NAOSMM members.
Please contact TCI customer service for details.

How to Buy TCI

All of TCI’s products are available from TCI’s eShop. Register for an eShop account today!
Questions? Please call or email Sales-US@TCIchemicals.com.

You can also purchase TCI’s products from the following industry leading distributors:

Hosted & Punch Out Catalog

TCI’s hosted catalog service enables you to view TCI products within your own purchasing platform. TCI supports various interfaces for punch-out solutions such as SAP, Ariba, Coupa and Jaggear (formally SciQuest). To discuss your requirements further, please contact your TCI account manager. Contact TCI.

Resources for Professors & Students