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Coumarin Dyes

 Coumarins are aromatic lactone compounds and many of them exist in natural plants. A coumarin compound with an electron-donating group on the 7-position shows strong light absorption and luminescence, whereas unsubstituted coumarin compounds are hardly luminescent. This is because intramolecular charge transfer occurs when electron-donating and -withdrawing groups coexist in the coumarin molecule. An introduction of a group on the 3- or 4-position largely controls the wavelength of light absorption and luminescence. Furthermore, an introduction of an electron-withdrawing group on these positions can enhance the intensity of luminescence. Such coumarin dyes are useful for laser dyes emitting blue-green light.
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Produit # C2836
CAS RN 58336-35-9
Pureté >96.0%(T)(HPLC)

Produit # S0919
CAS RN 52372-39-1
Pureté >98.0%(HPLC)(N)

Produit # B5008
CAS RN 1256259-14-9
Pureté >98.0%(T)

Produit # D3354
CAS RN 20571-42-0
Pureté >98.0%(GC)(T)

Produit # C2858
CAS RN 53518-18-6
Pureté >95.0%(T)(HPLC)

Produit # C3640
CAS RN 53518-18-6
Pureté >99.0%(T)(HPLC)

Produit # C2267
CAS RN 41267-76-9
Pureté >97.0%(HPLC)(N)

Produit # C3063
CAS RN 55804-68-7
Pureté >98.0%(HPLC)

Produit # E1129
CAS RN 28821-18-3
Pureté >98.0%(GC)(T)

Produit # C3043
CAS RN 41175-45-5
Pureté >98.0%(HPLC)

Produit #:   C2836 | Pureté   >96.0%(T)(HPLC)

Produit #:   S0919 | Pureté   >98.0%(HPLC)(N)

Produit #:   D3354 | Pureté   >98.0%(GC)(T)

Produit #:   C2858 | Pureté   >95.0%(T)(HPLC)

Produit #:   C3640 | Pureté   >99.0%(T)(HPLC)

Produit #:   C2267 | Pureté   >97.0%(HPLC)(N)

Produit #:   C3063 | Pureté   >98.0%(HPLC)

Produit #:   E1129 | Pureté   >98.0%(GC)(T)

Produit #:   C3043 | Pureté   >98.0%(HPLC)

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