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Custom and Bulk Chemicals

Custom Synthesis with TCI

Tokyo Chemical Industry (TCI), founded in 1946, is a leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty organic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and functional materials. In addition to having a substantial catalog of 30,000 organic reagents, we are also able to address your need for materials not found in our catalog. As a contracting firm, TCI has unsurpassed scientific expertise, specialty processes, and the manufacturing equipment to complete nearly any synthetic challenge.

In a partnership, we promise to deliver:
  • Seamless transition - from early R&D to industrial production
  • Reliable project management
  • Fast and direct material sourcing
  • Both domestic and global production capabilities
  • Material specifications, QC, and documentation to meet your needs.

When TCI develops a quotation, we assign a team of the best minds to form a pathway to success for your project. From the time that we agree to do business together, to the time of delivery and beyond, TCI offers a clear, designated point of contact who will be in regular communication with you. We also regularly solicit feedback from our clients to ensure that they are getting a high level of service throughout the process, which enables us to handle projects proactively.

Our abilities include total synthesis, such as synthetic targets that are up to 20 steps from the original starting material. Our experienced team of chemists have successfully completed projects from pilot plant to high volume manufacturing (HVM) scale, including R&D, production, and process development collaborations.

Key technologies and advantages: TCI has unique experience in the reagent market. We can serve at many different scales – from lab samples to pilot quantities up to HVM.
  • Bulk production of organic reagents – 100 g to 500 kg/batch
  • Lab to pilot-scale production of polymers – 100 g to 100 kg/batch
  • Lab, pilot, and HVM scale purifications – 100 kg to 700 kg/batch
  • Strong organic synthesis and scale-up knowledge
  • Scale-up consultation
  • Local production and transparency
  • Strong purchasing capabilities of key raw materials

Based on our extensive experience and history, TCI can offer custom services in many difficult chemical fields. We’ve partnered with many customers on reagents with low trace metals (<50 PBB), LC and LC-MS custom products, development of monomers and polymers, energetic chemistries, chemistry with Gringard reagents, chemistry with metal hydrides, and multistep synthesis projects.

Our staff’s combined experience and commitment to excellence make TCI an ideal contract firm for producing the industry's highest quality custom products.

For more information, or to see if your project is a good fit with TCI,

Bulk Chemicals

TCI offers bulk chemicals for your R&D and production via in-house manufacturing as well as strategic sourcing combined with TCI’s rigorous quality testing.  TCI’s 75+ years of chemical synthesis enables us to offer accurate, fast quotes at competitive prices. Whether you need a continuous supply of materials, or a one-time bulk order, TCI can help.

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