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Zwitterionic Monomers Suitable for Biocompatible/Superhydrophilic Polymer Synthesis

Zwitterionic monomers contain both cationic and anionic groups in the same molecule, and are able to add superhydrophilic and/or antifouling features to the materials. As a result they are often applied to surface modification of water treatment filters or medical equipment including stents and catherters, nanomicelles for drug delivery system (DDS), and surface modification for biosensors to reduce measurement noise, etc. TCI contributes to these researches and industries by offering various zwitterionic monomers. Our product line-up includes a phosphobetaine monomer which has a biomembrane-mimetic phosphorylcholine group, sulfobetaine and carboxybetaine monomers, whose polymerizable functional groups are acrylate and methacrylate esters, acrylamides or methacrylamides. In addition to monofunctional monomers, TCI also has a bifunctional monomer suitable as cross-linker in our catalog.

Phosphobetaine Monomer,Carboxybetaine Monomer,Sulfobetaine Monomer

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