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High Mobility Organic Semiconductor: 2,6-Diphenylanthracene

Extending the π-conjugation network/system of polyacene derivatives is a good molecular design strategy for the synthesis of high-mobility organic transistor materials. Pentacene and hexacene are well known as high-mobility organic semiconductors; however, their air/chemical instabilities are unsatisfactory.
Ding and Hu et al. developed a straightforward synthetic pathway (Scheme 1) to 2,6-diphenylanthracene (1) and reported its organic transistor characteristics.1) In a top-contact configuration, the anthracene derivative 1 exhibited a high mobility of more than 10 cm2/Vs on an OTS-treated Si/SiO2 substrate (Chart 1). The fabricated device was stable for a long time under an air atmosphere.
Chart 1.Device structure


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