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Bromination [Synthetic Reagents]

 Dibromoisocyanuric acid (DBI) [D3753], which was first reported by Gottardi, is a mild and highly effective brominating reagent,1,2) and has superior brominating ability when compared with N-bromosuccinimide (NBS), which is frequently used in organic synthesis. For instance, nitrobenzene was converted to the 3-bromonitrobenzene in 88% yield with DBI in conc. sulfuric acid in 5 min at 20ºC,1a) but in only 70% yield with NBS in 50% sulfuric acid in 3 h at 85ºC. Thus DBI has been widely used as an effective brominating reagent.3)


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Artikel # B0530
CAS RN 79-15-2
Zuiverheid >97.0%(T)

Artikel # T1284
CAS RN 38932-80-8
Zuiverheid >98.0%(T)

Artikel # T0038
CAS RN 558-13-4
Zuiverheid >99.0%(GC)

Artikel # B0662
CAS RN 75-62-7
Zuiverheid >98.0%(GC)

Artikel # B1087
CAS RN 2857-97-8
Zuiverheid >95.0%(GC)

Artikel # B2719
CAS RN 15481-39-7
Zuiverheid >95.0%(T)

Artikel # B3596
CAS RN 820965-08-0
Zuiverheid >98.0%(T)(HPLC)

Artikel # B1697
CAS RN 2439-85-2
Zuiverheid >95.0%(T)

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