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Life Sciences
TCI synthesizes various chemicals for drug discovery research in every stage. We offer small scale parallel synthesis, chemical library synthesis using combinatorial chemistry techniques with solid-phase and liquid-phase synthesis. Utilizing our own techniques, experience, and knowledge in manufacturing reagents, TCI offers middle to large scale synthesis for sample production. If your research calls for scaling-up, optimizing synthetic methods, or you simply need advice on compounds for your life science research based on chemical biology, TCI is here to help.

Please Contact Us If:

- You are looking for the unique compound that you cannot buy anywhere. - The kilo-lab in your company is too busy to manufacture 1 - 5 kg of your compound.
- You need the 100 - 5000 g intermediate immediately. - A library synthesis is needed for your lead discovery.
- You have no time to hire a chemist to do synthesis for you. - There is not enough research facility and equipment to do organic synthesis.
- Your CRO company failed to make your compounds. - You want discussion everyday with your contractor.


1) Available for FTE contract

2) Library synthesis with using combinatorial chemistry

3) 20 years experience of GMP manufacturing

What We Make and What We Do

Synthetic Target

 - Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Intermediates
 - API
 - Chemical Library


TCI can help you start with small quantities for laboratory testing, scale up for development, and finally go on to economical continuous manufacturing on the kilogram scale.

Multi-step Synthesis

TCI can multi-step synthesis of performance of up to 20 processes.
Example: Tricostatin A

Chemical Library

Synthetic Target:
 - Bioactive Compound
 - Low Molecular Organic Compound
 - Metabolite/Degradation Product
 - Stable isotope-labeled Compounds
 - Fluorescent Labeled Compound
Number of compounds available for synthesis: 1 - 1,000
Quantities: Milligram to Gram scale and available to up to kilogram scale


Exploratory Research

Exploratory Research

Backed by numerous synthetic achievements, TCI designs and synthesizes the chemical library with our own unique know-how. If your lab requires hard-to-synthesize compounds, such as a probe for clarifying action mechanisms, our exploratory research division can help guide you through the process.

Synthetic Techniques Based on Combinatorial Chemistry
We have introduced synthetic techniques based on combinatorial chemistry to synthesize various compounds efficiently. TCI synthesizes many structurally distinct compounds and achieves high-throughput screened results.

Focused Library
TCI offers solutions not only for the synthesis of the chemical library, but also for related libraries as well.

Development Research

Development Research

Lead Optimization
TCI manufacturing expertise allows us to optimize the structure with incredible detail.

Process Chemistry
We optimize the structure with compounds acquired from years of exploratory research. Additionally, improvements of synthetic methods allows for scale-up as well as previously undefined synthetic processes.

Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology

We offer intermediates, reagents, and produce investigational drugs using GMP compliance based on decades of manufacturing expertise.



TCI has production results of API products. Having established the production system that utilizes these resources, TCI is able to provision materials and key intermediates.

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