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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What temperature should the products be kept at?

For products that should be kept refrigerated or frozen, the following temperatures ranges are indicated.
0°C-10°C, <0°C, -20°C, -80°C
Products should be completely used as soon as possible even when kept within the specified temperature range. Where no specific instructions are noted, products should as a general rule be kept in a dark place at a temperature of less than 15°C.

2. What is the expiry date?
As a principle, there is no expiry date or guarantee time for reagents. Any reagent can have problems as a result of storage conditions or a small amount of impurities. These minor factors can cause unexpected decomposition of the product over time. Therefore, it is difficult for us to create an expiry date for reagents. Please use products promptly upon receipt.
3. Why the products have not been kept cool during transport although it is recommended for
         those products to be refrigerated or frozen?

This is because required temperature conditions for keeping products and transporting products are not always the same.

4. How can I use products packaged in the cylinder container?
No valve is shipped with the cylinder container. You need to purchase a valve separately. Please refer to Gas Cylinders to see how to set up the cylinder container.

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5. Properties listed in the online catalog differ from actually measured values. Why is this?
This is because instead of actually measured values we may list values from the relevant literature. The properties listed in the online catalog are not standardized values and should only be used for reference. Where values from relevant literature are used, (Lit.) is printed after the value.
6. Can these products be used for purposes such as food additives or pharmaceuticals?

With the exception of products for which such usage is specifically noted including food coloring as determined under the food sanitation law (our company’s product grade for such products is FC) and basic ingredients for pharmaceuticals (mainly chemical products), reagents and chemical products included in the catalog cannot be used for purposes other than experiments or research and should not be used as pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, insecticides, food additives or chemical agents for domestic use. TCI bears no responsibility for compensating any accidents or injuries resulting from mistaken use of our products.

7. I want to purchase a reagent. How can I place an order?
For order or inquiry, please contact our authorized distributors.
Dieckmann (Hong Kong) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Add: 20th Floor, WeiBao Commercial Building, 513 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-53426716
Fax: 852-35119002
Email: salehk@dkmchem.com
8. Can we obtain unstable reagents, such as diazomethane?
TCI does not handle unstable reagents [such as diazomethane], which decompose before reaching the customer. However, we supply the precursors for making many such reagents. For more details, please see Reagent Precursors.
9. Is it possible to return products?
We will not accept return shipments without prior authorization and shipping instructions. The situations which give rise to returns are often complicated and require individual attention and special handling. Unidentified or unauthorized return shipments will be discarded without credit. Certain items may not be returned for credit, including, but not limited to, refrigerated or frozen products; bulk, custom synthesis or special order items; and opened containers. Be sure to contact us and we will do our best to resolve each situation in an equitable manner.