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Maximum quantity allowed is 999



 Several features of small molecule organic semiconductors are that they are isolable in a chemically pure form, it is possible to determine structures by a single crystal structure analysis, it is possible to fabricate a thin-layer and to purify it by vacuum deposition. In comparison with inorganic materials, organic materials are structurally diverse based on the carbon-centered geometry. Therefore, we can precisely control physical properties such as photo absorption, emission properties, energy level and solubility by applying organic synthesis. Several conventional coupling reactions can enable expansion of π-conjugated structures. In particular, palladium- and copper-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions can systematically and rapidly produce various organic compounds to develop new materials. The following lists plenty of ‘Building Blocks for Small Molecule Semiconductors’ bearing halogen, boronic acid (ester), a stannyl group, amino group, or formyl group.
Our products are categorized by chemical structure as below.